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Case Studies

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Denyo Generators Optimize Fuel and Operating Costs

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Securing a Power Supply for an Outdoor Event Venue

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White Papers

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How to Select Generating Set for Your Plan


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Is it possible to obtain a manufacturer’s certificate?expand

We issue certificates that include the model name, manufacturing date, and serial number.

How can I get generator documents (specification, manual, technical data)expand

Please find the Denyo Distributor from Denyo Distributors & Dealers List in your country and ask them.

If there are no Denyo distributors and dealers, please contact us from here.

I want to know the year of manufacture for my products. How can I find it?expand

Please contact Denyo distributors and dealers in your country with the following information.

-Model name

-Serial number for generator set (7-digit number) which is

How long can the generator operate continuously?expand

Standard generators with typical fuel tank capacity are designed to operate for approximately 8 hours, ensuring uninterrupted work at construction sites for a day.

There are also products available, such as those with larger fuel tanks, which allow for longer continuous operation. However, we recommend checking the product’s condition, including oil levels, at least once a day.

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Welder Resource Center

Case Studies

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【User's Voice】 Diesel Engine Welder: DAW-500S

Poh Wah Machinery is a company based in Singapore …

White Papers

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[Comic Ep.6] Denyo's Engine-Driven Welder: Speaking from Experience

[Comic Ep.5] Denyo’s Engine-Driven Welder: Selectable Options as You Need

[Comic Ep.4] Denyo's Engine-Driven Welder: Helpful and Safe Production


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Please explain the welding current control method used in Denyo engine welders and their benefits.expand

The welding current control methods used are thyristor control (thyristor phase control) and transistor (IGBT) chopper control.

Thyristor control: Provides smooth arc starts and reduces arc extinguishment.

IGBT chopper control: Offers improved fuel efficiency and arc characteristics (arc directionality and responsiveness). It enables significant reduction in arc noise, resulting in reduced fatigue for welders.

How can I get welding machine documents (specification, manual, technical data)?expand

Please find the Denyo Distributor from Denyo Distributors & Dealers List in your country and ask them.

If there are no Denyo distributors and dealers, please contact us from here.

Is it possible to use an AC power supply which performing welding?expand

Yes, it is possible.

Especially in the DLW series, which utilizes AVR control in the main generator unit, simultaneous usage of welding output and AC output without interference is achievable through the combination of IGBT welding current control. However, there is a case that an alternator will get damaged due to the overload depending on the conditions of the simultaneous usage. Therefore, for the available capacity, please contact your nearest dealer or Denyo directly.

Please explain the differences between DC and AC welding power sources.expand

DC welding machines offer superior arc stability compared to AC welding machines. Additionally DC welding machines have a lower no-load voltage compared to AC, reducing the risk of electric shock. Generally, it is said that DC is approximately five times safer than AC for the same voltage.

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