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Message from the President

President, Denyo Co., Ltd.

Takanori Yoshinaga, President

Takanori Yoshinaga

Since its foundation in 1948, Denyo has been developing products by always looking to the future, as stated in the phrase “Denyo Builds the Future with Technology.” Fortunately, Denyo has earned high praise for its technological capabilities and reliability in Japan and in more than 150 countries around the world as a pioneer in the manufacturing of outdoor power sources and the provision of engine-driven generators, welders, air compressors and other specialty machinery worldwide.

Behind this evaluation lies the traditional sanpo yoshi management philosophy Denyo has had since its foundation, “benefitting three parties.” This expresses our goal of ensuring that the user (customer), the seller (dealership), and the manufacture (Denyo) prosper together through our products. With the goal of achieving this management philosophy, we constantly apply ourselves to create and realize products and services that satisfy our customers through efforts to improve our technological, manufacturing and sales capabilities.

Additionally, global warming caused by greenhouse gases has been viewed as problematic in recent years, and we hear words such as decarbonization and carbon neutrality every day. In order to solve this problem, Denyo will take the lead in focusing on the development of innovative carbon-free products that do not emit CO2 at all, going beyond low-emission products. Further, towards the Japanese government's goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by fiscal year 2030 and its long-term goal of achieving carbon neutrality by fiscal year 2050, Denyo strives to innovate in line with expectations and will continue to develop and provide power sources that will always be indispensable to society.

We request the continued support and encouragement of our stakeholders in the years ahead.