Environmental Policies

Environmental Philosophy

As well as contributing to social infrastructure upgrades worldwide through our power source products, Denyo is profoundly aware of its corporate social responsibility to conserve the environment, and tirelessly promotes environmentally sound business activities.

Environmental Policies

(1)    In our business activities, we strive to prevent pollution and to promote eco-friendly products while seeking ways to maintain a healthy environment by conserving materials and energy, cutting back on solid waste, and reducing odors and noise.

(2)    We comply with environmental regulations and other agreed requirements, and we respect related demands from society.

(3)    As well as building a system of management which is based on the ISO14001:2015 to engage with environmental conservation and finding ways to make continual improvements, we set environmental goals and targets, and improve environmental performance by carrying out reviews.

(4)    As well as documenting the environmental policies to inform employees and everyone who works on behalf of the company, including the requirements of stakeholders, we disclose the information in the public domain on our homepage.

(5)    We strive to achieve environmental targets by continually improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the process.

Our Organization for Environment

Organization for Environment