Denyo Group Social Media Policy

Denyo Group operates its official social media accounts in accordance with the following items.
The term social media, as used here, means "media whereby users send and receive information to or from numerous unspecified users using Internet-based technologies."

Basic Policy
Comply with laws, regulations and Denyo Group internal regulations.

Attitude When Participating in Social Media

  • Endeavor to communicate information responsibly as a company.
  • Use social media as one aspect of business operations, and endeavor to increase the value of the Denyo brand.
  • Endeavor to communicate beneficial information, knowledge and insights with other users.
  • Listen to the comments of other users, and take care not to be misunderstood when posting information.
  • Be sufficiently aware when posting information on social media that numerous unspecified users will have access to the information posted, that once posted it is not possible to delete the information completely, and that content posted on social media can have a major influence on society.

Guidance and Request to Users

  • Information posted on social media does not necessarily express public announcements or opinions of the Denyo Group. The Denyo Group makes public announcements via its group company websites and news releases, etc. Please check these outlets.
  • The Denyo Group does not reply to all comments and messages received by its official account.
  • Please be aware that this policy may be subject to change without prior notice.
  • This policy conforms to Japanese law. Disputes arising between the Denyo Group and other users shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court as the agreed court of jurisdiction in the first instance.
  • This policy is displayed in both the Japanese and English languages. Where contradictions or conflicts exist between the two, the Japanese language version shall take preference.

Regarding the Use of Social Media
The Denyo Group has set forth operating guidelines, separate from this policy, for divisions that use social media in their business processes.

List of Denyo Group Official Social Media Accounts


Denyo United Machinery Pte. Ltd.
Denyo Trading Vietnam Co., Ltd.
Denyo Vietnam Co., Ltd.


Denyo United Machinery Pte. Ltd.


Denyo Co., Ltd.
Denyo United Machinery Pte. Ltd.

X(previously Twitter)

Denyo Co., Ltd.