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Company Profile


Company Name Denyo Co., Ltd.
Representative Shoichi Shiratori, President
Established July 2, 1948
Head Office

MAP2-8-5, Nihonbashi-horidomecho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-8566, Japan

Tel:81-3-6861-1111 / Fax:81-3-6861-1181

Paid-in Capital 1,954 million yen
Fiscal Year April 1 to March 31
Plants Fukui ( Japan ) , Kentucky ( U.S.A.) , Indonesia and Vietnam
Number of employees 561 ( Denyo Group : 1,277 ) ( as of March 31, 2018 )
Issued Shares 22,859,660 ( as of March 31, 2018 ) 
Business Lines Manufacture and sales of Engine-driven Generators, Welders, Air Compressors and other special machinery

Company Organization

Company Organization



President Shoichi Shiratori
Representative Director,
Executive Vice President
Yoji EtoGeneral Manager, Global Marketing Office
Responsible for Sales Division, Quality Managemant Division
Director & Executive Advisor Hideaki Kuboyama
Managing Executive Officer
Teruo YashiroResponsible for Production Division, Development Division,Overseas Manufacturing Subsidiary
Managing Executive Officer
Yasuo MizunoChief Executive, Sales Division
Responsible for Overseas Sales Subsidiary
Senior Executive Officer
Toshiya TozawaChief Executive,
Administration Division 
Director Haruhito Takada*
Director Reiko Asahina*
Audit & Supervisory
Board Member
Toru Masui
Audit & Supervisory
Board Member
Masaru Sugiyama
Audit & Supervisory
Board Member
Akira Yamada*
Audit & Supervisory
Board Member
Yoshio Takeyama*

Asterisk* indicates an external director or external audit & supervisory board member.

Executive Officers

Senior Executive Officer Satoru KatoChief Executive,
Quality Management Division
Senior Executive Officer Yasuhiro YamadaHead of International Sales Unit
General Manager, International Sales Department 1
Sales Division
Senior Executive Officer Fumitoshi ArimitsuPresident of Nishihatsu Co., Ltd.
Senior Executive Officer Sampei SatoChief Executive,
Development Division
Senior Executive Officer Makoto TanabeGeneral Manager,
Planning & Coordination Department,
Finance Department
Administration Division
Executive Officer Kenichi HamanosonoExecutive Officer of Denyo Kosan Co., Ltd.
Executive Officer Kensaku MoriyamaHead of Domestic Sales Unit
General Manager, East Japan Sales Department
Sales Division
Executive Officer Chiyoki KimuraGeneral Manager,
General Affairs Department
Administration Division
Executive Officer Michio NonakaChief Executive,
Production Division
Executive Officer Toshiaki ShimazuGeneral Manager,
Production Management Department
Executive Officer Toru Hiroi General Manager,
Development Department,
Patent Administration Department
Development Division
Executive Officer Takanori Yoshinaga General Manager,
Engineering Department
Development Division
Executive Officer Yukio NunogamiGeneral Manager,
West Japan Sales Department
Sales Division
Executive Officer Masao YamadaGeneral Manager,
Quality Management Department
Quality Management Division