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Suspicious emails purporting pretending to be from our company

Jul. 04, 2022

Thank you for using Denyo products.

There have been recent reports "spoofed e-mails" have been sent out to an unspecified number of people in which the company's name and our officers and employees and e-mail domain (××× have been misrepresented. These "spoofed e-mails" have nothing to do with our company.
If you receive any e-mails that appear to be spoofed, have no idea what they are, or are irrelevant, please delete the e-mails. If you reply to the email, open the attached file, or click on the URL link, there is a risk of virus infection or information leakage.
Even if the email domain of the sender is the same as our domain, there is a possibility that the email was spoofed.

If you receive suspicious emails, please do not reply to the email.